The Best CBD Products In The Market Right Now (2020)

With so many CBD products to choose from, how will you ever pick? Don’t worry, here at The Pharma CBD we stock only the best CBD products around, so whatever you’re looking for, you really can’t go wrong! That said, here are a few of our favourites:

CBD Tranquil Bath Soak

Enjoying a relaxing CBD bath experience is the perfect way to indulge yourself and let your stress melt away. Our personal favourite go-to bath product are these CBD bath salts. Infusions of organically grown hemp, lavender, mineral-rich Celtic sea salt will target points of tension and stress, as well as doubling as a gentle exfoliator. What better way to pamper yourself?

The Brother’s Apothecary CBD Supreme Vitality Capsules

If capsules are your go-to, why not try these CBD Supreme Vitality capsules from The Brother’s Apothecary? The mix of nutrient-rich mushrooms, including Wild Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps, along with pure, medicinal grade hemp will leave you feeling fresh, renewed and ready for the day ahead. 


Pure Hemp CBD Cherry Bomb Gummies

Enjoy the benefits along with a fun, tangy flavour with these Pure Hemp gummies, in delicious cherry bomb! Made with simple, natural ingredients, these gummies are tasty, safe and even fat-free. Give them a go - they’re sure to become your favourite treat. 


Moxie CBD Vape Cartridge

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD is through vaping. It’s quick, easy and convenient, plus there’s tons of great flavours to choose from. This Moxie CBD Vape Cartridge has a refreshing melonwreck flavour, made with all natural oil extracts. As well as it’s all natural flavourings, Moxie has a high concentration of CBD compared to other vapes - plus it’s sleek, discreet and uses intelligent c-cell technology for the best taste, longer battery life and better vaping. Enjoy on the go with this bestselling vape cartridge. 


CBDFX Hemp and MCT Oil

Speaking of great flavour, we bet you’ll love this CBDFX Hemp and MCT oil in scrumptious blueberry, pineapple and lemon. This tincture oil comes in a variety of strengths and flavours, so you can pick the one which suits your personal tastes best. It contains nothing but full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil, meaning you get the best results every time. Enjoy!

Kana Lavender Sleeping Mask

Another reason to use CBD is the great benefits it can have on your skin. There’s plenty of great CBD skincare to choose from, but if we had to pick out one essential, it would be this Kana Lavender Sleeping Mask. For a natural glow, this organic, hemp-infused sleeping mask will heal and hydrate your skin as you sleep. Containing 28 active botanicals and no nasty chemicals, this mask is sure to leave your skin looking brighter and clearer in no time. 


Pure Spectrum Invigorating Salve

CBD is also great for easing any aches and pain, so if you’ve overdone it at the gym this week, give Pure Spectrum’s Invigorating Salve a try. Made with premium hemp, the salve acts as a natural pain reliever and can help invigorate sore joints and muscles so you can stay on the go.

American Shaman Peanut Butter Dog Treats 

You’re not the only one who can benefit from CBD. That’s right, we even have some of the best CBD products for your pets to help their aches and pains or stress. Give your pup some instant relief with these American Shaman CBD dog treats. Not only are they delicious, but they’ll leave your dog feeling relaxed and pain-free. Nothing but the best for man’s best friend! 


Did we include your favourite? These are just a few of the best CBD products on the market right now, but at The Pharma CBD it’s all about choice - so have a browse to find the best products for you.